Living with a reactive or aggressive dog is difficult and it is heartbreaking to see dogs not enjoying life due to this type of behaviour.
Ingrid specializes in dog reactivity cases has a proven track record in helping dog owners find a resolution in even the most challenging cases.
Reactive Dog Training Sessions are for dogs that anti-social or over-excited in the face of a dog or person.  
Lunging at, bark, growling, whining, pulling behaviours

You Will Learn

How to desensitize and counter-condition your dogs to other dogs or people
How to do a correct structured Walk
Learn impulse control exercises to help your dog control arousal
Get attention to You
Environmental Enrichment at home to create a more relaxed dog
How YOU can be a more effective leader
Diet needs for lowering anxiety
Address any individual issues or concerns you are having 

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Private Training Session at your home


Private Training Session at my Property, Nerang.    


 Each training session is 1 to 1.5 hours

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