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Train from home
Zoom training sessions are a popular and effective way to access training

Whether your not in our immediate area, live remotely with no access to dog trainers, live interstate or your limited by work commitments, Zoom Training Sessions may be your answer.

Address any individual issues or concerns you are having at home or out with your dog.

Zoom Training Sessions are available 7 days a week for any issues or training need.


Real Solutions
How to manage and stop destructive behaviours

How to work with & train a reactive dog to other dogs or people
Train alternative appropriate  behaviours 
Stop Pulling on Lead and how to do a structured Walk
Stop Mouthing and Jumping Up on everyone

How YOU can be a more effective leader
Learn how to STOP any other unwanted behavior. 


1 hour zoom training Session 


1.5 hour zoom training session   


 Included in each zoom training session is emailed Handouts on relevant topics to you

Ongoing Support via email or FaceBook Messenger 


0408 034 170

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