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Australian Kelpie UD


A tough, hard nerved, no work ethic Kelpie ! "Rastus," or Rasti at home, he had no drive, little food interest and basically couldn't see the point of what I wanted to achieve. This rescue kelpie was brought to me so I would learn about attitude and drive training ! 

Rasti, after much training & research went on to compete very successfully in obedience climbing to UD (Utility) level within 2 years with numerous "High in Trials" (we are up to 14 so far) and a consistent 1st place achiever then took out the 2017 Victorian UD State Champion.

GRACIE Ballarat Trial.jpg


(Kilwarrin Walkin On Air)

Shetland Sheepdog

2019 QLD State Obedience Trial Champion


"Gracie" was my second competitive partner who is soft, weak nerved and very wary of anything she doesn't know ! Gracie came to me to learn about training soft dogs. She is physically strong but emotionally weak so training attitude was and is a huge part of her daily training so she can compete successfully.

Gracie walked out into the ring in 2017 and gained her CCD and CD titles in just 4 weeks with 8 x 1st places and 3 x "High in Trials.”


2019 Gracie gained her CDX title in only 3 trials with 3 x 1st places & 3 x High In Trial with scores of 198/200 ! 2019 QLD State Obedience Champion & unbeaten as yet! ​



(Strathaven Walk Of Fame)

Rough Coat Collie 

"Pounce" is my 'new age male" ! He is just about the sweetest, kindest, soft dog you will find ! 

Pounce is a challenge to train as he is quite sensitive to training, meaning any mistakes he makes he seems to take to heart & if this happens he amps down dramatically. He loves a good game of tug but not overly food driven so again this boy is making me adapt my training techniques to suit his beautiful soft nature. ​Pounce hasn't entered the ring as yet, we hope to step him out competitively in 2020



(Beregan Stormy Monday)

Labrador Retriever


"Louie" arrived to us in 2018 and what a a powerhouse of a pup ! A happy, driven confident pup. More to come as he grow up :-)  

sassy mildura.jpg

Sassy (2014 - 2017)

Labrador Retriever


"Sassy" was a powerhouse of a dog ! She came to me as a pup with issues, only at 5 months old did we find out she had hindquarter tendon issues. Sassy took another 18 months of therapy & training, she was a tough nut due to the fact she was in pain for quite a while she lacked confidence in herself.


We spent may hours training & building her confidence that she could do it, even when she was physically right she would not push through a session as she anticipated pain but then after 18 months of training she gained her confidence and WOW a new dog came out !


Sassy had a very short career, she stepped into the ring in 2017, CCD, first competition she did 2 trials with 1st place in both, not under a score of 98/100 then on to the State Victorian Obedience Championship were she gained a perfect score of 100/100, 1st place & Victorian State CCD Champion.

We lost Sassy not long after the Victorian States at the tender age of three, I miss her dearly and always will .....

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