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I would highly recommend Ingrid to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their canine companions. Ingrids knowledge is extensive, from fine tuning trialling skills through to your hard core aggression issues. Ingrid takes on board your preferred training methods and works with you to get the best out of you and your dog.

Linda Watson. Warrnambool. VIC

Ingrid is the the most inspirational dog trainer I've ever known. She knows how to read any dog, work through any issues and bring out the best in every dog and handler team. Approachable, friendly and positive. She is a brilliant trainer and an awesome person.

Janine Baldwin. Koroit. VIC

Great knowledge with my beautiful out of control young German Shepherd, I've learnt some very good skills that enabled me to feel confident enough to take my dog out in public without having to worry thanks Ingrid.

Linda Lange. Warrnambool. VIC

Ingrid was fantastic. We travelled to see her in Hamilton Victoria before she moved to Nerang. Ingrid was able to give us advice about training, grooming and environmental enrichment for our two dogs. Her interest in and love for all dogs is very apparent as you watch her interact with your pooch and she shows you how to do the same. She is also available to answer any ongoing questions or concerns you have in a down to earth manner. I would recommend her highly to any of the lucky people of Nerang than need assistance with their dog's behaviour. I will really miss her here down in Victoria.

Anne Ploza. Horsham. VIC

I highly recommend Ingrid as a dog trainer. She has been instrumental in changing my dog reactive shepherd, Soki, to one that I can now walk off lead, knowing with confidence that the training we have in place from Ingrid is working. I cannot describe how happy I am that my girl is no longer lunging and behaving aggressively towards other dogs, making it unpleasant for both of us. Ingrid started from the basics and worked with both Soki and I until we reached a level where we were happy with the outcome. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is commendable and she is always available to answer questions or concerns. I simply cannot thank her enough for what she has accomplished with Soki's behaviour.

Nora Carey. Warrnambool VIC

Ingrid’s experience with reactivity and aggression in dogs is incredible and achieves results, transforming shutdown and dogs who can not control their emotions, to happy driven dogs thriving for success either in the ring or just as obedient pets. Her in ring success speaks for itself and has achieved high level of competitive obedience with all different breeds of dogs. Her drive and engagement workshops hosted all over South West Victoria were popular and classes filled and people on waiting lists. Ingrid’s number one for problem solving older dogs and producing a working, driven puppy.

Steve McKeller. Warrnambool VIC

Having learnt from ingrid i am in awe of her wealth and thirst for knowledge her enthusiasm and ability to connect with those willing to be open minded and put in the work. I cannot express my thoughts enough on her attention to detail and the overwhelming confidence she will have you and your dog sharing. No problem to big or small and never unsolvable! Plan a,b or c your never turned away! Finding solutions for you and your lifestyle no one size fits all. Flexible, versatile and humorous. Not just a trainer but a coach.

Alicia Jones. Warrnambool. VIC

What can I say!!!!! The day I met Ingrid my life was changed forever.. Ingrid is the best trainer and the most inspirational person I have ever had the pleasure to meet.Ingrid can read dogs and handlers so well, training seems so effortless for her. A natural talent that comes from a genuine deep love and desire to not only help dogs but their owners.'Go hard, or go home' is one of Ingrid's favourite sayings.. Dedicated, thorough, and forever searching for a better way.Not only does Ingrid help improve your training, she will help you improve your inner being and confidence.
An amazing trainer, an amazing person

Cas Colbert. Longerong. VIC

What an amazing person Ingrid Irwin is, and her love for dogs in general, no matter what the breed or size. I've seen Ingrid work with them all with great success.
Ingrid's favorite saying is " Go hard or Go home" and don't do things half arsed.... especially if you want the best out of you K9's, you put in and they will respond.
Ingrid is the best I've ever seen in being able to get the best results from k9's in work or play.

Greg Ferrier. Hamilton. VIC

Can highly recommend Ingrid as a trainer, she has a complete understanding of dogs and handlers and brings out the best in both. She has helped me immensely with my collie roughs and smooth of all ages and they are now working happily and confidently, even my reluctant ones as it is fun to train now. I feel more confident in what I am doing with them as well. Her knowledge is incredible.

Vicki Brown. Sthratheam. VIC

Amazing Trainer and person and goes out of her way to help you. Me and my boy have come a long way because of Ingrid can never thank her enough for helping us in our journey.

Michelle Holcombe. Portland. VIC

A trainer that understands what is needed to compete successfully for BOTH dog and handler. Ingrid has helped me immensely with my two deaf koolies who now work with a happy and enthusiastic attitude. Also her knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour has been invaluable in the rehabilitation of my rescue foster dogs.

Helen Richardson. Dimboola. VIC

Please take a moment to read this review. If you have problems with conflict between your dogs this may make all the difference.

We asked for assistance from Ingrid at IIK9 to help us bring two dogs together that were having fights.

My partner and I have moved in together and our dogs that are around 10 years old were having major problems getting along.

We knew that there would be problems and we engaged another dog behaviourist who had plenty of online reviews and looked to be good. What resulted was a waste of time and money from someone who was less than competent to solve an aggressive dog situation and less than ethical when it came to refunding a portion of the sizeable deposit for services that we had paid.

We had resigned ourselves to keep separating the dogs and making the best of the situation until we happened across IIK9 and Ingrid.

Ingrid cuts through the confusion and gets to the point. She has helped us with her wealth of knowledge in dealing with animal aggression and behaviour problems.

Ingrid has helped us to get the dogs together in just a few short sessions.
There’s more to do, but we are now living together as a family.

I cannot recommend Ingrid highly enough and welcome any PM’s to discuss further.

Buck Beasley. Nerang. QLD

An absolute brilliant trainer! One session and we have a better understanding of our dog and a plan in place to help our dog get over her separation anxiety. I can’t speak highly enough of her. She has even managed to put our anxieties at ease! You won’t be disappointed!

Sandra Odell. Oxenford. QLD

Ingrid is amazing, had our first session today with my very determined am staff x.
With plenty of practice and constant reinforcement she will be the best dog around. 
I’ve don’t dog training classes but never have I seen a dog trainer as passionate as Ingrid. I highly recommend iiK9 training don’t waste your money anywhere else.

Laura Quinn. Nerang QLD

Ingrid has so much knowledge to share about dog behaviour. We learnt so much from her in our first session that it has made a real difference to how we all interact with our beloved dog. We are all a lot more relaxed and happy around each other. Ingrid also had the training knowledge to help us with our special circumstance of involving a wheelchair. Looking forward to having another session to improve on what we've started.

Rachel Glover, Highland Park. QLD

Rachel Glover. Highland Park. QLD

Its the best. helped me with my assistant dog now we work as one!

Laurie Mann, Horsham. VIC

Laurie Mann. Horsham. VIC

I am Ingrid ‘a biggest fan. She is absolutely incredible and smart and has been able to build my confidence with my fur-baby. I would recommend her to everyone

Chris Miron. Gold Coast. QLD

Can’t believe the progress made in an hour with Ingrid to stop my 3yo kelpie X Roxy charging at the door and jumping on people and finally walking on loose leash after 5 mins training . Clear strategies to practise and looking forward to a much calmer dog . Wish I had have booked sooner!

Caryn Pietsch. Horsham.VIC

Wow! Ingrid is truly amazing and an inspiration. We had our first session with her yesterday - my two English Staffies loved her immediately. Before her visit I was feeling anxious about walking the dogs as one was reactive to other dogs on leashed walks (more so after being attacked) and the other simply more anxious. Ingrid helped me to understand what was going on for my pooches and what I can do (and stop doing) to help them make better choices. She clearly knows what she is talking about and doing with immediate progress! She’s knowledgeable, kind and caring (dogs and owners), amazing at explaining everything and making sure you understand and funny to boot! I also love her approach to deal with one ‘problem’ at a time. I cannot recommend Ingrid highly enough. I’m looking forward to bringing back (and increasing) the level of joy and reducing the level of anxiety for the entire family/pack.

Rebeca Stock. Highland Park. QLD

Wonderful service, Great clear and practical directions 

Chelsea McLaren. Bundall. QLD

Had first session with Ingrid with our newly acquired labrador and existing young labrador. Ingrid definately is very knowledgeable and we left feeling very positive with a plan. My aim was to get out and enjoy leash free walks so wanted to work on recall and ensuring the pooches responded first time every time. I know we are on to a good thing with Ingrid, and look forward to other sessions with her to perfect our training.

Very reasonably priced for very personalised training.

Vee Davenport. Nerang. QLD

I thought the presentation on Wednesday at Geelong was very informative and I have certainly learned a lot..

Tony Brooks. Horsham.VIC

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