Enjoy being an Owner/Trainer


To be an Owner/Trainer of your assistance dog is both fulfilling and an amazing training journey to go on! 

Teach your dog from the very start, as an "L" or ADit (Assistance Dog in Training)
Learn how to teach your dog to listen, respond to and happily follow your direction under high distraction.
Train lifestyle skills/ tasks to assist you in 'day to day' life
Learn leadership skills and develop a responsive close relationship with your dog.

You will be taught one exercise in-depth per session, explained in simple terms with lots of ‘hands-on’ practical training. 

This service also covers anyone looking at training a service or assistance dog.

Service Dog Training

You Will Learn

Effective Communication System with Your Dog
Define your dogs 'Working Position' while walking in all environments with no pulling or conflict
Reliable Recalls & Rock Solid Stays

Responsive 'Leave It' Cues

High Distraction training so your dog is reliable and relaxed in Public Areas

Teach & Shape your dog taks like picking up items, turn lights on or helping you get up

You will also teach your dog emotional self-initiated responses such as 'blocking' you when you feel anxious, alerting you to your emotions and how to lead you out of uncomfortable places/situations  
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Assistance Dog Training

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Private Training Session at your home


Private Training Session at my Property.    


Group Training Sessions run weekly at large Shopping Centres.

Your dog must be ADiT, have a jacket & ID Card

Max. 4 Participants



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Proudly affiliated with the following Assistance Dog Training Organization;

  • RAD (Revolutionary Assistance Dogs) Trainer, Behaviourist and QLD PAT Tester