We will access the problem behavior, look at ways we can fix it and achieve results that will train your dog to stop that issue.
I am "results driven" at iik9 so you will not be doing 10 sessions to fix a problem, costing you big $$$ !!
Taking a big amount of time to fix a problem is both exhausting on your dog & you! Plus allows the ‘problem’ to become a more deep-seated habit, get things sorted so your dog is developing habits that you and him/her enjoy.

You Will Learn

How to manage and stop destructive behaviours
Train alternative appropriate  behaviours 
Treat Separation Anxiety
Treat Resource Guarding
Stop Pulling on Lead
Train a great recall and stop running away
Stop Mouthing and Jumping Up on everyone
Learn how to STOP any other unwanted behavior

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Private Training Session at your home


Private Training Session at my Property, Nerang.    


 Each training session is 1 to 1.5  hours

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