Reactive Dog


 Many dogs's termed 'aggressive' are simply reactive, in other words, they overreact to certain things in the environment. Left untreated however, reactivity can lead to aggression.

Behavioural Dog


Pulling on Lead, Destructive Behaviours, Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, and Fearful/Shy dogs need specialized training.

We can help you train for success

Assistance Dog 


Wanting to be an Owner/Trainer of your Assistance Dog? I can cover all aspects of training from Adit to PAT Accessed.

Teach your dog how to respond to you, listen to commands and happily follow your direction under high distraction. Train lifestyle skills/ tasks to assist you in 'day to day' life

Learn leadership skills and develop a responsive close relationship with your dog.

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Vicki Brown 

Can highly recommend Ingrid as a trainer, she has a complete understanding of dogs and handlers and brings out the best in both. She has helped me immensely with my collie roughs and smooth of all ages and they are now working happily and confidently, even my reluctant ones as it is fun to train now. I feel more confident in what I am doing with them as well. Her knowledge is incredible.


Alicia Jones

Ingrid was fantastic. We travelled to see her in Hamilton Victoria before she moved to Nerang. Ingrid was able to give us advice about training, grooming and environmental enrichment for our two dogs. Her interest in and love for all dogs is very apparent as you watch her interact with your pooch and she shows you how to do the same. She is also available to answer any ongoing questions or concerns you have in a down to earth manner. I would recommend her highly to any of the lucky people of Nerang than need assistance with their dog's behaviour. I will really miss her here down in Victoria.


Linda Lange

Great knowledge with my beautiful out of control young German Shepherd, I've learnt some very good skills that enabled me to feel confident enough to take my dog out in public without having to worry , thanks Ingrid

1 Hour - $90.00
30 mins - $55.00
Popular & effective way to access training anywhere
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